The MimoNet project aims at developing tools and techniques for network-level exploitation of MIMO technology. In particular, MimoNet targets a specific type of networks, wireless mesh networks. These are wireless multihop networks in which wireless access points are enriched with the ability to wirelessly communicating with each other, forming a wireless mesh infrastructure that can be used by client nodes within the same network to exchange data, as well as to access the Internet through a few access points providing gateway functionality.

MIMO technology, which has so far been successfully employed to improve performance of point-to-point communications, has the potential to provide breakthrough capacity increase also at network-level. However, this increase can be obtained only by advocating a change of perspective on how MIMO technology shall be used, going from the current viewpoint of considering antenna elements as a link resource, to the novel perspective of considering them as network resources, and optimize their usage accordingly.

Exploiting MIMO technology at the network-level is an especially challenging problem, which requires considerable efforts from the modeling, algorithmic, analytical, simulative, as well as implementation point of view. These challenges will be tackled in the MimoNet project.

Summarizing, MimoNet goal is to tackle the enormous challenges related to exploiting MIMO technology at a network-level in wireless mesh networks, with the aim at providing a breakthrough increase in network traffic carrying capacity with respect to current wireless technologies.

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Last updated on July 14, 2014